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My Story

Hello! My name is Faith and I am a darker mood photographer based in Katy, Texas. I specialize in Couples, Family and Pet Photography and I am a photo editor. I am a native to Houston and I was born and raised in Clear Lake. I am married to my wonderful husband Christian and I have a beautiful dog name Nova. A little bit about me is I have loved photography since I was 13 years old. I got my first camera from my uncle who is a professional photographer and I have loved it ever since. I started my business about a year ago and ever since I have loved capturing the smiles of every person that I come across. I love to do nail art and cozy up with a good book in my free time. I currently work in Admissions for a college and I do this photography business on the side because I am so passionate about photography and I love helping others capture their special moment. I would love to connect with you and help in any way I can with your photography needs so please feel free to reach out to me through any of my contact info on this website.

Faith and Christian
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